Posted on Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Brothers John and Richard Kellert are a force to be reckoned with on and off their beloved tennis courts – they are tennis coaches and small business entrepreneurs handling their own administration and marketing for their tennis brainchild, Kellert Tennis Academy.

“I started Kellert Tennis Academy at Moxon about four years ago now. Richard joined me six months later and we have been working together to build a strong centre ever since,” said John.

Between the two of them, they have 20 years of experience playing competitive tennis from a young age and a further combined 35 years of coaching experience.

“The great thing about working with your brother is that there is a trust there that allows us to freely share ideas. This is an advantage for our clients – whether it be technical, strategy, fitness or the mental aspects of the game, our clients can come to either of us and know that they will receive similar information,” said John.

“It is a dynamic that I believe to be particularly important for our business and we work with our other coaches to achieve a similar effect, which has been very successful thus far.”

Most days, you can find John and Richard on the Moxon tennis courts running group classes and private lessons with players as young as four years old, and as mature as in their 60s.

“The tennis centre is really coming together now. Our new hardcourt and synthetic courts are proving very popular and they look great too. Our players can train on different surfaces to build different court skills,” said John.

And for anyone thinking about starting tennis?

“Come and take one or two private or semi-private lessons with a friend or family member who also wants to learn. You’ll get an understanding of the basics and then from there you will be ready to join one of our group classes or bring some friends to the courts for a game.”