Moxon welcomes new ladies bowlers

Posted on Friday, 4 September 2020

We chatted with Cheryle, Secretary of Roselands Flames Women’s Bowling Club. A few months ago, they moved their club to Moxon Sports and were warmly welcomed by everyone.

Why did your bowling club had to transfer to Moxon?

Roselands Flames played at the greens managed by the Lantern Club. When Covid-19 caused the club to close, they were unable to maintain the bowling greens and ultimately, would not be reopening the greens. That effectively kicked out the bowling club for both the men and the women.

As Moxon Sports Club did not have a women’s bowling club, we sought support to move our club across. We are in the process of formally changing our club name and uniform. We have been welcomed and supported by Moxon since starting to play there in August.

How many members do you have now?

When the Lantern Club closed us out we had 20 members. Not all of these ladies were able to continue to get across to the new location. They have lost their sport, their friends, their social/community support and the mental and physical  health benefit of gentle low impact exercise.

How often does the club play competitively?

The women’s bowling club is a very successful club. We meet to play each Thursday at 9am. We also play in the Georges River District against other local clubs.

In 2019 our ladies won both the Grade 4 and the Grade 2 pennant flags of our district. Several of our ladies also played in other district games, winning singles, pairs, fours competitions and were also runners up in some of these events as well.

How long does it take to pick up the game of lawn bowling? 

It is relatively easy to learn to play lawn bowls. All ages are welcomed. We offer free lessons on a Tuesday or by arrangement on other days or weekends. We have bowls for new players to learn with and to use until they are confident to go ahead and purchase their own items.

The aim of the game is to have the most bowls closest to the white jack. You can play in singles (1 on 1) or pairs (2 on 2), and the games use 4 bowls each. Triples and fours teams have two bowls each.

Why should people never walk on the greens unless they are wearing proper lawn bowling shoes?

Bowlers wear special bowling shoes with flat soles to protect the grass green from any damage. Sandshoes or thongs, or even bare feet, may also be used for beginners or for parties such as barefoot bowls which can be arranged by contacting the Moxon Bowls Coordinator.